Design of Coche for Ibaïa Boats: a solar-powered autonomous houseboat

Since 2022, our naval architecture firm SB Yacht Design has been working with the shipyard Ibaïa Boats on the Bassin d’Arcachon to develop an eco-designed Houseboat catamaran. From designing the hulls and superstructure to interior layout, we have conducted all the studies. After a year of work, it is finally launched.

The characteristics of the Coche.

The Coche offers optimal comfort, featuring two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen open to the living area. It is considered a true floating residence. The insulation and high-quality materials used ensure pleasant living throughout the year and long-term durability. Occupants can enjoy a comfortable and modern lifestyle while reconnecting with the surrounding nature.

Our approach to eco-design.

The design of Coche was carefully studied to minimize its environmental impact. We conducted calculations of domestic energy consumption to optimize the boat’s energy efficiency.

In terms of manufacturing, we integrated recycled, recyclable, and bio-sourced materials.