Industrialize your vessels with SB Yacht Design.

Industrialize your vessels with SB Yacht Design.


The design and studies of your boats have been completed, and you wish to proceed with construction? We provide the essential industrial process and methodologies for building your vessel: mold design, advanced kinematics, and manufacturing plans.

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#1Mold design

Mold design is a crucial step in the shipbuilding process. It involves creating precise models and molds that serve as the foundation for manufacturing the various parts of the vessel.

Whether you need molds for the hull, superstructures, decks, or other ship components, we are here to provide you with custom solutions.



Advanced kinematics provides the necessary information for the construction and assembly of a vessel. This plan goes beyond manufacturing details, focusing on how the various parts and components of the vessel should be assembled to form the complete structure.

Nos service - méthodologie et conception - Synématique assemblage custom sb yacht design

#3 Manufacturing plan


The manufacturing plan is a detailed document that specifies the instructions necessary for the effective construction of a vessel. This plan includes precise information about the structure, materials, dimensions, and manufacturing procedures required to assemble the vessel according to the initial design. It is a crucial element of the shipbuilding process, guiding shipyards and manufacturing teams throughout the project implementation.