SB Yacht Design is involved in designing the boats of tomorrow.

SB Yacht Design is involved in designing the boats of tomorrow.

Since its inception, our team has been completing projects annually in partnership with individuals or professionals, which leads us to study and test numerous alternative construction materials and solutions.


Our role in eco design.

Eco-design is much more than just a concept; it’s a philosophy deeply embedded in our work. That’s why we focus not only on the hull but also on onboard equipment to maximize energy efficiency at all levels.

One of our key approaches is to prioritize less impactful materials. We choose bio-sourced, recycled, and recyclable materials to minimize environmental impact from manufacturing through the end of the vessel’s life.

We integrate clean propulsion solutions such as electric motors, hybrid systems, and solar propulsion to significantly reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining optimal performance.

In summary, our holistic approach to eco-design in the maritime sector involves careful consideration at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

Specialist in electric and hybrid boats.

Today, our expertise in hybrid and electric propulsion has led us to develop our own calculation tools, enabling us to precisely meet the needs of users and boats.

This allows us to better support you in sustainable mobility and minimize the environmental impact of boats.