SB Yacht Design is assisting in the refit of OXYGENE YACHTS


In March 2016, our naval architecture firm SB Yacht Design assisted in the refit of the OXYGENE YACHTS vessel.

Oxygene Yachts

Oxygène Yachts is a French brand dedicated to the design and construction of luxury catamarans. Oxygène Yachts offers a fresh perspective on the motor yacht leisure experience. Their products are unique pieces made to order.

Beyond current trends, their soft and clean lines give them a timeless elegance.

The Oxygène Yachts spirit also emphasizes environmental responsibility.

Environmentally friendly boats.


Oxygène Yachts works on reducing the weight of boats and conducts detailed studies on hull profiles and various propulsion systems. These two key elements, due to their intrinsic complementarity, significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

SB Yacht Design collaborates with Oxygene Yachts.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la signature d’un contrat entre OXYGENE YACHTS et SB Yacht Design. 



We are pleased to announce the signing of a contract between OXYGENE YACHTS and SB Yacht Design.


Refit of the Air 77 model

The first model of the Air 77 range is currently undergoing a refit at the Couach shipyard.

Our firm, SB Yacht Design, is assisting the shipyard and the owner in technical choices and ensuring the CE compliance of the entire boat. Additionally, new models are also being developed.