SB Yacht Design creates its own advanced calculation tools

SB Yacht Design creates its own advanced calculation tools

To better address your studies, we have developed several calculation tools that save time and provide precise solutions to the problems posed.

Tools tailored to every need.

SteppedFlow Designer par sb yaht design

SteppedFlow Designer

This tool reinvents the way stepped hulls are designed, providing an in-depth analysis of lift and drag vectors, as well as a theoretical preview of the water flow exiting each step. This allows us to perfect the hull design to optimize performance, creating faster, more stable, and more fuel-efficient vessels.

MarineThrust Analyzer

Essential for hybrid and electric boats, this tool revolutionizes how naval architects optimize the propulsion system. It provides a detailed analysis of resistance and power requirements for each propeller configuration, while allowing critical evaluation of design values. By offering precise data on range and motor load, it enables professionals to make informed decisions for optimal propulsion in every naval project.

Ener vizion par sb yaht design

EnerVision ™

This advanced electrical consumption calculator offers an innovative approach to estimate hourly electricity consumption, considering both electrical appliances and energy generation sources such as generators and solar panels. By aligning consumer needs with energy generator production, this tool ensures smooth, sustainable navigation while optimizing sea autonomy and respecting the environment.

FoilFlow Designer


Optimizing foils using this powerful tool provides a comprehensive analysis of hydrodynamic forces. Its capability to calculate lift and drag vectors, along with providing a preview of water flow, enables precise and efficient design of hydrofoils. This tool ensures enhanced navigation performance through meticulous foil design.

FoilFlow Designer nos outils sb yacht design