Naval engineering studies

Naval engineering studies

Our team offers you its naval engineering services: resistance and performance calculations, structural calculations, and integration of onboard systems.


Regardless of the type of vessel, it is crucial to properly size the propulsion and assess its performance.

Depending on the projects, we use various methods to evaluate resistance. We employ analytical calculations enhanced by our specialized tools such as SteppedFlow Designer™ and Foilflow Designer™ for specific cases. For more complex situations requiring increased accuracy, we use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

To meet the requirements of new propulsion and energy production systems, we have developed our own software such as Enervision™ and MarineThrust Analyzer™. These tools are essential for addressing the challenges associated with hybrid, electric, and solar propulsion systems with precision.


Structural design.


The structure is crucial as it forms the skeleton of the boat, composed of frames, bulkheads, stringers, and other stiffeners. It represents a significant portion of the boat’s total weight. The entire boat relies on this structure, so ensuring its strength while optimizing its weight is essential, as it directly impacts the boat’s performance.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical analysis technique used to model and simulate the behavior of structures under various loads. This method enables precise optimization of structural weight while ensuring sufficient strength.
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The integration and modeling of onboard systems include electrical, hydraulic, fresh/grey/black water, communication, navigation, safety systems, and many others.

Through this digital integration, we can visualize and analyze each aspect, identify potential conflicts, optimize connection paths, and ensure accessibility for maintenance and repairs.

To assist in sizing the electrical system, we use our software EnerVision™ on a daily basis.