Our design service

Our design service

Our design approach encompasses several essential phases. Our team of naval architects is here to guide you through each stage of the process, providing expert advice and incorporating your feedback and ideas throughout the design process.


Every project begins with an idea. Concept design allows us to create drafts, define volumes, and integrate the main constraints of your project. Your guiding thread, your idea, takes shape through factors such as hull form, interior space layout, key systems, propulsion, equipment, and other essential aspects crucial to the functionality and feasibility of your project.

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Interior and exterior fittings.

Boats are complex spaces where structure, systems, and many other elements coexist and intertwine. Our job is to marry all these elements as seamlessly as possible to provide living spaces with minimal compromise, while considering the technical constraints and functional and aesthetic needs of the vessel.

Ergonomics, circulation.


The onboard experience of a boat is influenced by these two concepts: the confined spaces found on boats require us to be especially ingenious in designing layouts that combine functionality and ergonomics. Circulation is crucial during maneuvers and daily life aboard, defining the character of a space and naturally determining its function.


These two interrelated concepts are crucial in ship design to ensure a pleasant, functional, and secure onboard experience.

Sealver wave boat par SB Yacht Design


3D modeling bridges the gap between concept design and the final boat. This stage validates volumes, technical spaces, and aesthetics. Custom kinematics can also be designed and integrated here if necessary.

This digital model enables us to create computer-generated images, allowing us to virtually represent your project before physical construction begins. This is an opportunity to validate materials and textures as well.